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Garmin at The Green Jersey

Garmin at The Green Jersey

On Tuesday 18th September, The Green Jersey in Clitheroe have a Garmin rep in store for a talk about which is the best device for you and how to get the best out of your

Obree’s 100mph Bike

Obree's Bike

If you cast your mind back, a few of us went over to The Green Jersey bike shop in Clitheroe to meet the legend that is Graeme Obree. Whilst we were there he was telling

DP Family and Graeme Obree

Team Pigeon and Graeme Obree

Yesterday some of the Deaf Pigeon family made our way to Clitheroe for the opening of the awesome new cycling shop and cafe called The Green Jersey! This shop is awesome and the people there

Graeme Obree signing at The Green Jersey

Graeme Obree

I’d heard the name before but never actually knew the full story behind him, then after watching ‘The Flying Scotsman’, Graeme Obree has turned into a proper inspiration to me. A cycling legend. Winner of