Staple x Kidrobot Pigeon

Posted by David Perkins on Friday 21 October 2011 | 4 Comments

Just found this on Hypebeast. Completely un-related to bikes but still awesome.

Staple Design and Kidrobot have collaborated on this 7″ vinyl toy. Limited to 800 pieces and only available at the New York and Los Angeles flagship stores from 3rd November.

If there’s anyone who reads this that can get me one of these, i’ll gladly pay and be in your debt.

Look at it! It’s a vinyl pigeon!!

Staple x Kidrobot Pigeon

  • You might as well have commissioned it!

  • bloody wish i had! that way i could own one!

  • You’re telling me you don’t know anyone in LA? How can that even be true?

    Edit: Gah, stupid threading.

  • It’s true… i don’t know anyone i can call upon to get one :( might just email Staple design and see if they’ll make an exception?